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Our purpose at Cypress Creek – Stop the Flooding is to educate and inform citizens and businesses owners along Cypress Creek in northwest Harris County, Texas.  No words we offer can guild the black lily of flooding for the 10,000 home and business owners who lost their property during the Harvey flood.  But before Harvey there was the Tax Day flood.  Before the Tax Day flood there was the Memorial Day flood (1 & 2).  Why?  Why is there so much flooding on Cypress Creek?  What can we do?  Learn that here.

Think it’s over?

Local weathermen are of the belief that hurricane season on the Texas coast is over, even though the official season does not end until November 30th.

So, we’re safe from flooding, right? Unfortunately the State of Texas meteorologist says that, going forward, storms will be 10-15% stronger – more rain, more often. Less we forget, the Tax Day and Memorial Day storms were spring rain events, not tropical systems. We need large amounts of detention along Cypress Creek and, as the Michael Baker report (that we paid $600,000 for) said, we need it “immediately”. If you flooded during Tax Day, you absolutely will flood again with a 100 year storm (1% chance each year). No detention has been build nor will we see any for years according to Harris County’s plan.

Think the effects of Hurricane Harvey are over, that Harris County has recovered from the economic devastation of poor public policy and lack of investment in our flooding infrastructure? Here’s a house on Trebeck Street, in Wimbledon Estates. Four years after Harvey they are just now putting up the dry wall.

Still damaged – after 4 years
Flooding economic damage in Precinct 4 lingers
did you miss the Town Hall – Cypress Creek Flooding? Here’s your chance:

You can view the entire Town Hall on Youtube, click this link:

Can’t watch it all at once? Go to these timelines:

0-10:10 Introduction to the problem

10:10 – 34:40 Dr. Phil Bedient, Rice’s Severe Storm Center on Cy Creek

34:45-55:55 Matt Zeve Harris Co. Flood Control

55:56- 1:17 Q&A with speakers

What did we learn? Well, nothing optimistic. Dr. Bedient is not the least bit sanguine about flooding along Cypress Creek.

Matt Zeve seemed to promise us that, over the next 10 years, HCFCD would build about 14,000 acre/feet of detention along the creek. HCFCD’s Michael Baker study said we need 26,000 acre/feet. So, after a decade we would have about half of what we need

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