What can I do?

            What can I do?  Flooding on Cypress Creek

  1. Buy flood insurance.  It doesn’t matter if you never flooded before, any house in Harris County can flood due to our topography and climate.  Things change, storms get worse – buy flood insurance, it’s cheap. We have two types of flooding in Harris County: riverine and sheet flow. Which type threatens your home? Don’t know? Buy flood insurance.
  2. NEVER drive into high water.  Subdivision streets are designed to be part of the drainage systems during high rainfall events.  If you can’t see the top of the curb – TURN AROUND. If your tailpipe goes under water your engine will quit, water will enter your car and ruin your car. NEVER drive into fast moving water – it only takes 1-2′ of fast moving water to lift your car from the pavement and sweep it downstream.
  3. Set a flooding alert.  Go to the Harris County Flood Warning System:


Learn to use this website and set an alert to warn you of potential flooding. 

4. Defend yourself.  Evaluate your property.  Will a raised garden bed keep floodwaters away from your house?  Can you afford flood barriers – google ‘flood barriers’, many types are available. If a standby generator is a good investment for your home today, home/business flood barriers may also save you tremendous expense & anxiety. Home barriers come in various sizes and prices – may not be usable by everyone but certainly work for some.

5. Move away from Cypress Creek.  Reconcile to the fact that Cy Creek flood mitigation was ignored by government for 30 years and will take a decade, if ever, to properly mitigate flooding here.  Government home buyouts may be available in your area.  If not, bite the bullet and move anyhow.

Print these points out and give a copy to everyone you care about.

See more at: www.cycreekstoptheflooding.com

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