The repeated flooding in the Cypress Creek watershed, particularly downstream, is a threat to the economic vitality of the area and must receive significant mitigation funding immediately. The historic lack of investment in local flood control is unsustainable. Thank you for your consideration to this urgent matter.

Mike Waites, President Cypress Creek Personnel Services

The recent economic development of northwest Harris County is being risked by continual flooding and the precedent of some industries leaving the county due to flooding. Immediate significant investment in the Cypress Creek watershed is necessary to ensure the value of homes and businesses in the area.

Sharon Teusin, Manager BHG Realtors Gary Greene

The continual flooding along Cypress Creek jeopardizes the investment by local businesses in our area and must be addressed immediately. Our government officials need to act now.

Jack Burke, Jr Champions Golf Club

As a resident of Champion Forest near Cypress Creek, flooding has become a regular event within the last 3 years and has gradually become a major event over the last 20 years. I encourage our elected officials to stop playing politics and to reduce the effects of such large amounts of water not draining properly to prevent the massive flooding to our homes and businesses.

John Cozart, Founder Cozart Farrell Financial Group

As a resident and business owner in Northgate Forest, I am very concerned with the frequency and level of flooding of Cypress Creek. I would have hoped for action to be taken already but it is my understanding there are no specific plans to date. I urge the appropriate agencies to take corrective action to minimize future flooding.

Dan McIntyre Northgate Country Club

The Cypress Creek Cultural Center complex is a community treasure that constitutes the primary gathering place for cultural, education and civic events in northwest Houston. Another flood inflicting similar damage will likely result in those institutions moving elsewhere. Entities such as Hewlett Packer, that suffered $40 million damage in the Tax Day and Harvey floods, have already left. Steps must be taken immediately to mitigate future risks.

Dr. B. Glenn Wilkerson, President Cypress Creek Cultural District

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