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Cypress Creek one year after Harvey flooding



The report by GHFMC (Rice & TSU) on what ails Cypress Creek, just released this week. The answer: years of neglect and inattention to the safety of the citizenry.   What to do: detention (LOTS of detention all along the creek) and channelization (deepen & widen).  Otherwise what?  Well, more flooding.  Just read the Executive Summary, you will get the idea.


Read Greater Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium’s study on the problems with detention and drainage regulations around Harris County.


Read Greater Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium’s study on development regulations around Harris County.  Think development rules favor the big money developers over the citizens who live downstream?  You would be right.


An insightful report on what ails the Cy Creek area and allows repeated flooding, written by a first responder of the Cypress Creek Fire Department in Cypress, TX.

An in-depth look at the causes and concerns of flooding in Harris County by the staff of the ‘New York Times’. Brutal and factual.

Houston Chronicle Op-Ed by Bayou City Initiative on Flooding during the Coronavirus epidemic

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