Will I Flood?

Remember: If it flooded during Tax Day, it absolutely will flood again. Nothing has been done by Precinct 4 or Harris County Flood Control to increase Cy Creek’s ability to carry or store water.

The Tax Day Storm was a ‘100-year storm’ or 1% chance storm every year.  No more. The new NOAA Atlas 14 describes the 8.9″ of rain at Tax Day as between a 25 year and a 10-year storm. This means you have between 4% and 10% chance every year of seeing this much rain. The term describes your odds of flooding each year only and is not in any way cumulative – ala, well I flooded last year so I’m good for the next 99 years.  Wrong.  Buy flood insurance. 

The following businesses/churches/organizations are at risk of repeated flooding on Cypress Creek according to the new Jones Carter report, available on the HCFCD website.

“Typical” structures at risk for repeated flooding on Cypress Creek

YMCA                                                                        Chapparal Mgmt building

Springhill Suites                                                                     Astria retirement

St. Lukes Vintage Hospital                                                  Alamo Title building

Chuys restaurant                                                                     Autumn Leaves retirement

Kroger center at 249                                                               Sycamore Memory care

Willie’s Icehouse                                                                    Bellaire retirement

Broadstone Vintage Apts                                                       Northgate Golf Club

Mera Vintage retirement                                                         Shirley Acres

Perry’s restaurant

Villas@Cypresswood apts

Commons@Vintage apts

Raveneaux Golf club

Mormon Temple

Chase Bank

Pnc Bank

Chasewood Bank

Kroger center at Champion Forest

Conservatory Retirement

Tx Childrens Pediatrics

Lodge@cypresswood apts

St. Ignatius Catholic church

Mellow Mushroom center

Gringo’s/Rao’s center

County courthouse annex

Christian Church/Centrum

Bush Library

Fincher Museum

The following subdivisions along Cypress Creek had flood damage to homes during the “Tax Day Storm” of April, 2016.  Some subdivisions had considerable damage, some only a few homes damaged. 

For a house-by-house view of flooding risk, try the website: www.floodfactor.com

To see more detail, go to Harris County’s Flood Warning System webpage:


In the ‘options’ box, select ‘inundation map’.  Go down to ‘surface level data’ and select ‘historical’.  Enter this date/time: “4/19/2016 11:00 am”.  Click on “Show Historical”.  An overlay on the map will show you the extent of the flood waters. 

Subdivisions along Cypress Creek, from east to west, affected by the Tax Day Storm:


Winding Creek Oaks

Forest Oaks


Cypress Forest Park

Enchanted Oaks

Pine Oak Forest


Bamwood Forest

Ponderosa Forest

Ponderosa Trails

Ponderosa Lakes


Bammel Forest

Northwood Farms

Northgate Forest

Estates of Northgate Forest

Woods of Northgate

Olde Oaks

Oak Creek Village

Wimbledon Champions Park

Wimbledon Champions Estates

Wimbledon Estates & Racquet Club

Oaks of Terranova West

Wimbledon Pines



Woods of Wimbledon

Champion Forest

Schroeder Oaks

Prestonwood Forest

Chasewood Crossing


Lakewood Crossing

Lakewood Forest



Saracen Park


Lake Cypress Estates

Enchanted Valley

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